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Propane Cylinder Refills

Bill's offers a quick and affordable way to obtain propane: cylinder refills.  Bringing your empty cylinder to Bill's for a refill is less expensive than purchasing a new cylinder or exchanging it.

(We do not offer home delivery of propane for on-site tanks.  Please contact companies such as Heritage Gas or Amerigas for such service.)

Portable Cylinders

Portable propane cylinders come in a variety of sizes for camping, grilling, heating and other uses.  Common sizes include 5#, 10#, 20#, 30#, 40#, 60# and 100#.  Barbeque grills often run off of a 20# cylinder and this is the most common cylinder size that we refill.

Forklift Cylinders

We fill forklift cylinders for local companies.  Forklift cylinders are usually 33# cylinders.

Recreational Vehicle Cylinders

If you're heading out of town and want to make sure the RV's tank is filled up before you hit the road, stop by and we'll get you ready for your trip.

Propane Tanks

Forklift Propane Tank


All portable cylinder fills are done on a flat-rate basis, plus tax:

  • 5# or 10# - $8.40
  • 20# - $12.97 (grill)
  • 30# - $19.38
  • 33# - $21.32 (forklift)
  • 40# - $25.85
  • 44# - $28.43
  • 60# - $38.77
  • 100# - $51.43

We normally stock a few new cylinders: 20# ($36.95 + tax), 30# ($69.95 + tax), and 40# ($86.95 + tax).  These are empty tanks that still need to be filled.

Tanks mounted on recreational vehicles are charged by the gallon.  The current price per gallon is $1.69 plus tax.

Cylinder recertification: $8.00 (no tax)

New tank purge: $5.00 (no tax)


All portable cylinders are subject to a visual inspection.  We check for the following:

  • Exterior damage—dents, bulges or cracks
  • Rust or pitting, especially on the bottom of the cylinder
  • Presence and condition of the foot ring and collar or cover
  • Presence of an OPD (overfill protection device) valve for consumer cylinders up to 40#
  • Presence and legibility of the original date of manufacture or the last recertification date

Cylinders that fail any of these checks, or that have a leaking valve, cannot be filled.

All DOT cylinders must be recertified after 12 years from the original date of manufacture and 5 years from the last recertification.  If a cylinder is out of date it must be recertified in order to be filled.  It costs $8.00 for a recertification and the cylinder can then be filled for another five years, assuming it passes the visual inspection checklist and the valve does not leak.

Cylinders must be secured in an upright position after they are filled.  If a customer cannot demonstrate the ability to secure a cylinder in an upright position prior to filling, we cannot fill the cylinder.  Per National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 58: Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code,, Orientation of Cylinders on Vehicles:

  • "In 100# cylinders the relief valve is in the top of the cylinder thus requiring the cylinder to be transported upright.  This ensures that if the relief valve does pop off only vapor will be released.  If liquid is released it expands 270 times and creates a more likely ignition."

NFPA 58:, applies to cylinders over 45#, which in most cases would be 60# and 100# tanks used for shop/garage heating.  In addition to being secured and transported upright, we will not fill these large cylinders if they are being transported in the passenger area of any vehicle.

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